Vehicle issues make headlines almost daily, and Crane Engineering provides the technical resources to investigate, analyze, and understand the causes.  Vehicle testing allows engineers to measure aspects of vehicle performance by objective or subjective means.

Our experts can monitor sensor signals via data acquisition packages in order to record such variables as speed, acceleration, temperature, pressure, force and displacement.  Experts record subjective evaluations according to a defined rating scale. Well defined test protocols allow repeatable and consistent operator inputs so that the vehicle output or response can be analyzed.

Crane Engineering maintains an off-road track near New Glarus, Wisconsin, suitable for ATV, motorcycle, side-by-side, and similar equipment testing. Our engineers design the tests, instrument the vehicles, ride the test courses, and collect the relevant data, all critical if the case goes to court and there is a need to provide testimony.



Motorcycle and Off-Road Vehicles

Unparalleled Team Experience

  • 189 years of combined riding experience.
  • 84 years of combined team road racing.
  • 104 years of combined team off-road racing.
  • 101 years of combined work experience in product liability and accident analysis.
  • Dealership, supplier, and manufacturer experience.
  • Kris Kubly mentorship.

State of the art Facilities & Technology

  • Test lab
  • Machine shop
  • Test track
  • Research library
  • Computer simulations
  • 3D scans
  • CT scans
  • Photography/video

Areas of Expertise

  • Inspection of vehicles and accident sites
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Test design and fabrication
  • Vehicle testing
  • Design evaluation
  • Material science and metallurgy
  • Expert testimony
  • Demonstrative exhibits
  • 2 technicians with dealership and mechanic experience