Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Detailed stress analysis of a component and/or assemblies can offer incredible insight into a mechanical failure. Computer simulation of prescribed forces and pressures applied to a part allow one to pinpoint areas of high stress and potentially correlate it to the failure. In addition to a known or purported scenario, alternate scenarios can be simulated relatively easily without the time and expense of setting up a new test. Crane’s engineers have experience using the best-in-class FEA tools on the market for failure analysis.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Heat Transfer

CFD uses computer calculations to solve thermal and fluid problems. These results can then be processed and visualized for further insight and understanding. Unlike traditional testing, these simulations do not require physical construction or data acquisition hardware. Cases involving leaking fuel gas (such as propane or natural gas) are relatively common in forensic engineering and can be simulated using CFD. Another advantage is that alternate scenarios can be investigated relatively easily. Crane’s engineers have experience using the best-in-class CFD tools on the market for failure analysis.

Gears, Gadgets and Giant Mechanical Failure

From small parts in powered hand tools to large gear boxes in wind turbines, Crane Engineering can help get to the root cause of the failure. Crane understands that failure of one component is sometimes a symptom rather than a cause. Investigating the entire system is as important as narrowly focusing on the component that failed.

Large Industrial and Construction Equipment

Industry and construction routinely use large equipment every day. These could be forklifts, hydraulic lifts or cranes. This equipment can be complicated systems that incorporate subsystems, e.g. electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, fuel gas. Understanding the equipment on an overall and subsystem basis can be critical to failure analysis. Crane Engineering can help unravel the complexity to get to the root cause of the failure.

Machine Safety and Guarding

Machinery, in particular those involved in manufacturing, have components that pose a risk to the operator if they are not properly guarded. Rotating shafts, powered augers and metal cutting machines are just a few examples. Crane Engineering has experience in identifying hazards and application of current and previous generation standards.

Water Loss

Water can be just as destructive as fire. The failure of a small plumbing fitting can lead to a large loss damaging property, buildings and priceless possessions. Crane Engineering can perform detailed investigation of these losses investigating whether it’s a failure of a fitting, installation, material, etc. Crane Engineering has the expertise and experience to explore the root cause of these failures.

Gas Industry Analysis

Crane Engineering has the personnel to assist the gas industry in performing bulk plant equipment and design reviews.  We also perform fire protection and plant safety reviews. 

Carbon Monoxide Incidents

Crane Engineering has the expertise and experience to investigate carbon monoxide incidents. We have experts in the design and analysis of fuel gas utilization equipment, heating and ventilating equipment and other related mechanical equipment and mechanical systems that may be involved in carbon monoxide incidents.