Crane Engineering understands the importance of every step in the investigation, always using the scientific method in support of its conclusions. We provide services for dispute resolution and extensive litigation support – from initial site investigation and documentation to courtroom testimony.

Clients can depend on Crane Engineering for experienced expert testimony and trial exhibits that tell the story in the most comprehensible manner possible – using videos, computer graphics and animations and/or actual demonstrations in the courtroom. The company also safeguards physical evidence and has an inspection laboratory available where all parties can meet, evaluate and test evidence.

Crane Engineering offers incident investigation and litigation support in the following areas:

  • Testing
  • Expert testimony/trial exhibits
  • Forensic consulting
  • Artifact storage and custody control
  • Inspection lab/facility for independent use

Artifact Storage & Custody Control Services

Crane Engineering maintains detailed procedures for the handling and storage of artifacts to ensure they are not altered after they are taken into custody. Proper care of artifacts is critical to the ultimate outcome of litigation.

The company's artifact storage and custody control procedures include:

  • Managing all artifacts per accepted ASTM Method E1459-92
  • Providing a secure facility and controlled environment for artifact storage
  • Identifying artifacts as soon as they are taken into possession and assigning specific bar codes
  • Using secure, computerized artifact inventory for easy retrieval of information related to each item
  • Maintaining detailed chain of custody to document the handling and movement of artifacts 

3D Laser Scanning

The preservation of scene evidence is critical to an investigation. Crane’s experts specialize in complete, on-site 3D Laser Scanning services. 3D Laser Scanning allows our team of experts to recreate accident scenes by measuring location, shape and size. 

Photo Modeler and Animations

Photo Modeler photogrammetry software provides accurate measurement and 3D models for many accident reconstruction and forensic tasks.

Post 3D Laser Scanning can then be used to recreate 2D or 3D images and animations for the reconstruction of the accident.