Accident Root-Cause Investigation

Accurate root-cause analysis is a difficult, but critical, component after an incident.  Understanding the chain of events leading to an incident can help ensure corrective actions are put in place to prevent reoccurrence.  Crane Engineering’s multi-disciplined technical staff is well versed in this type of investigation and analysis.

Process Hazard and Safety Assessment

Hazards associated with industrial processes can pose a significant risk to personnel, property and/or lead to costly citations. Crane Engineering can perform various levels of site assessments to identify process and site safety hazards, potential risks to personnel, equipment and operations and provide recommendations on corrective actions. Gap assessments are one level of site assessment that can identify what your organization’s current state is compared with an identified standard and/or internal or corporate policies. 

Fire Hazard & Risk Assessment

In addition to being a threat to personnel, fires can be devastating to industry operations. A fire hazard and risk assessment can be used to identify potential causes for fire and what the potential impact could be on operations. A matrix-based risk assessment can be used to assign numerical values to identified facility risks in order to enable risk-informed decision making and to prioritize the budgeting for and implementation of necessary safeguards. 

Dust Hazard Assessment (DHA)

Due to several large combustible dust fires and explosions in recent years there has been a surge in governmental and industry emphasis on combustible dust hazards awareness and safety. As a result, the NFPA standards for combustible dust such as NFPA 652 and 654 now require the performance of a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) to identify and evaluate where combustible dust fire and explosion hazards exist, and identify needed safeguards to manage fire, deflagration, and explosion events. Crane Engineering has experts with experience with the investigation of combustible dust accidents as well as the identification of combustible dust hazards and performing combustible dust hazard assessments in accordance with industry standards.

Process Design Review

Industrial processes may be outdated or unclear, which can lead to undesirable outcomes.  Having an experienced outside review of processes can lead to robust documentation that can be relied on.

Control System Evaluation

Proper design of control systems is essential to a safe and efficient system that accomplishes its intended function.  Crane engineers can provide independent, third-party reviews of control system designs.