Message from Tom Crane

Crane, Tom IMG_0055.jpg

For more than 40 years we’ve strived to be the best. It’s required eagerness, pure effort and constant evaluation. We care deeply about what we do and we take our roles very seriously. At the center of it all, always, is our employees. I learn from our employees and I am inspired by them, and Safety Engineering Associates has immeasurably added to that since our companies merged four and a half years ago.

That in mind, we recently made the decision to consolidate our Madison operations into our headquarters in the Twin Cities. I realize this means change and unknowns, and it will create some stress in transition. But I also ultimately believe this is what is best for Crane Engineering, and all of our team.

The team is the foundation for our company and it makes up what we stand for and our values. Our team represents how we do business and what has made us great. The opportunity to have our employees under one roof, which will foster better communication, collaboration and camaraderie is what we believe is best for our clients as well as for our employees. I have no doubt this move advances that goal and helps us to continue to provide world-class forensic engineering services as we evolve into the future.

I am excited about this next step and hope you feel the same. We continue to appreciate your support and are dedicated to your partnership.

Thank you.

Tom Crane