Employee Spotlight: Andrew Rynda, E.I.T.

rynda andrew.jpg

Mechanical Engineering Specialist, Andrew Rynda, is Crane Engineering’s newest staff member. He is experienced in building mechanical systems including HVAC, plumbing, building automation, fire protection, and fuel gas systems. He has investigated fire, explosion, and carbon monoxide incidents related to mechanical systems and equipment.  Andrew is an E.I.T. with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.  

Andrew appreciates the way every case at Crane Engineering has a unique angle to uncover; the work is never repetitive.  One of the most interesting incidents he has investigated involved a flash fire in a townhome. A water heater located in the basement was alleged to have ignited flammable vapors present in the basement from ongoing construction work causing a flash fire. A fire had occurred at the residence previously which caused fire damage and water damage from the suppression efforts.  Because of this damage the unit was unoccupied between the time of the first fire and the flash fire in question. Andrew first tested an exemplar water heater to establish a baseline for the amount of gas that would be consumed by the subject water heater. He was then able to calculate the amount of gas that the water heater in the townhome would be expected to use while sitting idle over the period between the first fire and the subject flash fire. He compared this to the gas company’s records for the residence to show that the recorded gas consumption was inconsistent with a scenario where the water heater had been operating during that period. His testing and analysis showed that it was unlikely the water heater was operating after the first fire and therefore, was unlikely to be the ignition source for the flash fire.

As an E.I.T. his rate of $175/hour has made it easy for him to support senior staff on larger cases while managing smaller cases on his own.  You can find out more about Andrew’s skill-set here or contact him directly.