Crane Staff Members Contribute to 2018 NFPA 54 Handbook Revisions

NFPA 54 Handbook.png

The National Fuel Gas Code Handbook (NFPA 54/ANSI Z223.1) explains in plain language technical aspects of NFPA 54 requirements.  Included in the handbook are explanations of fuel gas safety concepts that engineers, technicians, contractors and consultants use to ensure fuel gas piping, appliances and venting are installed safely. NFPA 54 is a vital investigation tool used by our engineers while investigating accidents involving fuel gas.

Tom Crane, P.E. and Matt Wilber, CGE, CFEI have both been members of the National Fuel Gas Code Committee for many years with Tom being a former chairman.  The two of them along with Andy Thielen, P.E. (formerly the administrative engineer for the State of Minnesota Mechanical and Fuel Gas Codes) were major contributors to the 2018 Handbook revisions.

If you have specific questions, or need help understanding the key changes in NFPA 54 please contact Matt Wilber.