Employee Spotlight: Adam Wise, P.E.

For over fifteen years Adam Wise has worked in the areas of motor vehicle accident investigation, reconstruction and product liability analysis as a mechanical engineer with Safety Engineering Associates. He is experienced in accident site and vehicle documentation; motorcycle, ATV, and passenger vehicle testing; design analysis; and much more.

An interesting case Adam recently worked on involved a motorcycle operator riding a 1000cc sportbike on an interstate highway who claimed that he was “bullied” by a driver operating a loaded tractor-trailer.  The motorcycle operator testified that the truck driver prevented him from exiting the highway by slowing significantly as the motorcyclist was attempting to slow and move behind the truck from the left lane.  Adam analyzed data recorded by the truck’s electronic control module (ECM) and proved that the truck driver had maintained a nearly constant speed around the highway exit.  Adam also compared the performance capabilities of the plaintiff’s motorcycle and the defendant’s tractor-trailer to illustrate how easily a motorcyclist could outmaneuver a tractor-trailer, if desired. 

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