Employee Spotlight: Steve Hamilton, P.E.


Steve Hamilton, P.E. is an accomplished Electrical Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in electrical engineering and information technology. His engineering experience spans areas of design, power systems and electromagnetic interference modeling and analysis, construction support, and construction compliance assessment. He has been with Crane Engineering for about two years.

One of Steve’s recent cases was when he was contacted to perform failure analysis of an electrical product assembled from numerous components.  The product caught on fire in a residence and Steve received it in such a badly burned state he didn’t think he would be able to identify what caused the fire. He was also given an unburned solid state relay to inspect.  On a hunch he did some research and discovered it was a counterfeit part.  He could see the notch in the UL warning label was missing.  When it was broken open it was discovered that what should have been a 40 amp solid state relay was only 16 amps.  It was sold on eBay for a quarter of the price.  This product was unsuited for the application and caused the fire.

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