Employee Spotlight: Matthew J. Jeske, G.I.A.C, A.C.E.

jeske matthew.jpg

Matthew Jeske, a certified forensic examiner, brings a passion for technology to Crane Engineering. Matt has been providing his expertise in data forensics, data recovery and technology consulting at Crane Engineering for over six years with over twenty years of information technology (IT) experience. His casework has varied from data collection in industrial explosions to mobile device examination for local law enforcement crime labs to corporate incident response.

It comes as a surprise to many how often forensic engineering cases end up incorporating data forensics.  An interesting case Matt recently worked on started as a mechanical engineering incident involving a wind turbine.  Crane’s mechanical engineer had begun to research the system in question and found that it had a programmable logic controller (PLC) that stored critical data on the configuration and historical data records.  He then involved Matt, who forensically captured and stored the data logs prior to the destruction of the system—permanently documenting the story of what had taken place up to the point of failure. Many systems today from HVAC to hot tubs include programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed logic controllers (DLCs) that capture the critical events of a system or facility. Be sure to keep this in mind on your next loss, as it can be essential to determining the cause and avoiding spoliation.

For help on your data forensic needs, please contact Matt.