Crane Smart Sessions Recap

At the end of January Crane Engineering had a great turnout for our first annual Crane Smart Sessions:  Topics and Trends that Matter.  Our two-day seminar included fourteen Crane Engineering presenters with decades of experience in forensic engineering and consulting services for insurance claims, subrogation, manufacturing defects, product liability litigation and industrial applications.

On January 24 we had three educational sessions for manufacturing companies:  

  • Rogue Particles: Sometimes It's the Little Things
  • Virtual Testing:  Use of Computer Simulation for Better Products
  • Reverse Engineering:  If Only "Bob" Hadn't Retired!

On January 25 we had seven sessions, some of them happening concurrently, so attendees could pick and choose what applied best to them.  Our attendees included 44% from the legal community, 36% insurance and 20% from other industries.  The agenda covered: 

  • Carbon Monoxide Incident Investigation: Complex Causation and Complex Litigation
  • Biomechanics: Motor Vehicles and Industrial Accidents
  • From Uptown to Downtown: Issues Regarding Mixed-Use Multi-Level Wood Construction
  • Motor Vehicle Technology Trends:  Forensic Engineering in the Approaching Age of Autonomous Vehicles
  • How to Use Experts to Successfully Navigate Slips, Trips, Falls
  • Increasing Risks of Lithium Ion Batteries and Counterfeit Products—Fires & Other Issues
  • Ethical Implications of Working with Engineering Experts: The Intersection of Two Codes of Ethics

Each day ended with a social event of appetizers, drinks and networking. Most of our audience, who came from across the nation, stayed to enjoy the time to get to know our speakers, staff and colleagues. 

If you missed our Smart Sessions we have options for you to catch up: 

Look for our second annual Smart Sessions in January 2019!