Tiffany Lucas, P.E.

Materials Engineer
Professor - Madison College
VCard | Curriculum Vitae
Wisconsin Office

Tiffany Lucas is an accomplished materials science engineer with 10 years of experience in materials science engineering for global manufacturing industries. She has extensive experience in laboratory testing of product components and failure analysis. In addition, Tiffany teaches applied science, engineering and technology classes at a Madison area college.

As an expert, Tiffany specializes in root cause failure analysis and consulting of metallurgical and materials failures for industrial, legal and insurance clients. Tiffany will continue as the Electron Microscopy Professor at Madison College, Madison, WI, where she teaches electron microscopy, sample preparation, technical writing and presentation skills.

Prior to joining Crane Engineering, Tiffany was a Metallurgical Project Engineer at Kohler Company where she was responsible for failure analysis of field returns, manufacturing problems and product development in plumbing, engines and generator products. She also served as a materials lab intern at Harley Davidson Motor Company where she evaluated heat-treated and induction hardened parts, tested plating and painted parts for surface adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Tiffany has a M.S. Materials Engineering and a B.S. Materials Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI. She is a member of the American Ceramic Society and serves on the Milwaukee Chapter Board of Directors for the American Society for Materials.

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