Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Using the most effective analytical technologies available, Crane Engineering is committed to a multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex real-world problems. Whether it's a water heater, a piece of circuit board, a deep fryer or a catheter, Crane Engineering can conduct the tests necessary to solve your problem. The company uses the most advanced instruments and methodologies available to ensure creative, non-invasive (evidence-friendly) test and measurement techniques.

Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science

Composition of metals and materials, materials and manufacturing process evaluation, testing, selection and specification.

Plastics Failure Analysis

Crane Engineering's in-depth analysis of plastics and polymer materials goes beyond just test results. It determines the “why” behind the results, helping change the outcome prevent future occurrences or failures.

Chemistry Services and Consulting

  • Materials and process characterization and application
  • Contaminant and corrosion analysis, coatings/finishes, polymers, chemical mapping
  • Elemental and organic analysis
  • Fire debris and fuel gas analysis
  • Reverse engineering and contract research

Imaging Services