Accident Investigation Services

Accident Reconstruction & Vehicle Testing

Accident Reconstruction
and Vehicle Testing

Vehicle issues are making headlines almost daily, and Crane Engineering and Safety Engineering are providing the technical resources to investigate, analyze, and understand the causes behind them.

In the past ten years vehicles have become computers on wheels. The tried and true electro-mechanical components just aren’t there any more, or, if they are, they're operated by computers.

Now, claims people and attorneys have the tools to find the source of the problems they handle.


Accident Investigation

Crane Engineering and Safety Engineering accident investigation and crash reconstruction experts are trained in the latest methodologies for accident scene measurements, forensic mapping, data collection, and photography.


Crash Reconstruction

Human error is often difficult to prove, but is the real cause of some of the worst accidents. Our experts can test, measure, verify, and then reconstruct the sequence of events leading up to those unfortunate events.


Vehicle & Equipment Fire Investigation

Fire is the largest non-moving accident cause of large loss claims. Crane Engineering and Safety Engineering have the expertise to find the cause and describe the sequence of events leading up to the loss.


Automotive Systems & Component Failure Analysis

Crane Engineering and Safety Engineering have assembled a team of experts in mechanics, electronics, propulsion components, materials and accessory systems that can define the issues, test and measure them, and reconstruct the incident.


Forensic Mapping and Data Acquisition

Recovering data from on-board computers after an accident is possible with late model GM, Ford, and Chrysler products and will be a mandatory feature after 2013 for all car makers. The deployment of an air bag, sudden, severe braking, or the jolt of a damaging impact can trigger these “black box” devices. Crane Engineering and Safety Engineering have the instrumentation to use the data to prove key chronological events.